Their Historical Metaphysical Properties

Crystals are companions to man in one way or another since the start of time. For all those that understand the pre-history of Lemuria and Atlantis, it’s common understanding that these individuals were utilizing quartz and other gemstones for energy resources, communications, data storage, and weaponry.

Historical priestesses painted their faces white gypsum for purification and also to emulate the goddesses of light that they functioned. Most early civilizations used gems for recovery. According to the Bible, the twelve tribes of Israel were each represented by twelve corresponding precious stone. Nobility of cultures encrusted their temples and sacred areas with precious stone. In Asian cultures, crystals have been passed through generations in addition to placed through burial with deceased loved ones, a practice that still survives today.

In our era, the energy of crystals can’t be refused. Computers, telecommunications, data storage, memory chips, etc. depend mostly on carbon dioxide, aka – quartz crystal. Rubies and sapphires create laser technology potential, and the construction industry depends greatly on fine mineral specimens like gypsum, also called a form of selenite. The army is based on beryllium extracted from these jewels as “tiffany rock” for producing missiles and warheads, and the medication lithium remains hauled to a level from quartz with lithium ion deposits.

On a metaphysical level, crystals are now starting to have the mainstream recognition they deserve for supplementing our physical, psychological and spiritual health. I cite them as a supplement because we hold the capacity to completely heal ourselves in the time of our choosing. Crystals are excellent resources to help us in these procedures. It’s also intriguing to note that even though we frequently refer to diamonds as diamonds, everything of bodily thing within our measurement includes a crystalline structure during its simplest form. Even manmade items like plastics, therefore unquestionably a concept to remember once we think about the notion of “clearing” and “programming” crystals later in this dialogue.