What's Escape The Room?

Do you understand what Escape the Room is? It is a game aimed at both teenagers and adults. However, parents should use their leadership if they wish to bring children along to play with. A participant needs to become more than a decade old to quality to your game. For every 2 children, there must be at least one adult. Keep reading to find out more.

How does this function?

It is a real-life game in which a group has 60 minutes to resolve puzzles with clues so as to reveal puzzles. In one area, there may be up to 12 players.

You’ll be in one room together with other players unless you or your staff decides to reserve each the areas for the game session. Occasionally, you might find a private space, particularly if nobody else picked the slot which you reserved.

What’s the coming time?

You might choose to get there at least 15 minutes beforehand. As a matter of fact, coming beforehand is essential for best adventure. If you arrive late, you might interrupt the present session and the following session. The team will look after the late arrivals.

What do you take with you from the rooms?

Food or beverages aren’t permitted in the rooms. Moreover, no drunken individual will be allowed in. But it is possible to take your mobile phone inside but you aren’t permitted to shoot pictures with it.

For rescheduling the match, the direction must be contacted two weeks before the last moment. If you do not contact during this period, you will charged a 50% commission. Considering that the match is still live, the booking process is reasonable. There isn’t any rescheduling or refunds for people who appear late.